Saturday, November 23, 2013


You know you travel too much when....
- You get upgraded to first class often
- You can fall asleep before the plane takes off and you are drooling
- You have traveling pants (that you love! And get compliments on every time you wear them)...and they are getting worn out in the butt
- You have reached GOLD status on delta airlines and you realize that by the end of the year you will be 4,000 miles away from PLATINUM...and you contemplate "is it worth it to go on one more trip??" And you day dream about where to go
- You have been to 8 countries and 3 continents in one year! Whoop!  (Dominican Republic, Mexico, Ireland, England, Wales, China, Israel=coming In December, USA)
- You secretly love the pretzels, orange juice, and Fresca ---- all free on the plane
- You know how to pack for an international trip in one hour or less
- You long for a traveling companion! Someone to talk to on the long flights....specifically one that makes you laugh and one who let's you snuggle with them
- Your passport expires in 2021 and you know you will not have enough pages to collect the stamps and visas....but it's ok because you know how to add pages to said passport
- You don't take your liquids out of your carry on bag in security because you know that you will not get stopped
- People tell you they live vicariously thru your travels! And their first question upon greeting you hello or goodbye is "Where is your next trip/adventure?"
- You know how to get fantastic deals on airfares
- You have to give rain checks on dates because you are going out of town AGAIN
- It doesn't phase you to buy a plane ticket to somewhere but paying more than $10 for a meal seems like a lot of money
- You consciously sit down to pee in the airport one last time before you leave the's gonna be a lot of squatting from here on out


eclaires said...

Have a marvelous time in China! I'm looking forward to the pictures. :)

Amanda Bremner said...

So fun! Wish I was traveling so much. I'm having trouble keeping up with all of your adventures. I hope you have a wonderful time!