Sunday, September 22, 2013

My week in pictures.... 

 Its been a really great week in HEIDILAND! Fantastic Actually. 
I have been loving my job and I love my friends and its just been a good time for me this week. I guess I really do like my real life....go figure!

Last weekend I went to the University of Utah football game with my BYU freshman roommate Amy and her sister Julie. It was fun to catch up and to watch college football (Even though I had to wear red!  I think I look better in blue!)
I went on 4 dates this week......2 of them were TINDER dates and 2 of them were on the same night (one at 7pm and one at 8:15pm - the 2nd one was way super fun!)  That night, our upstairs toilet got clogged and we didn´t get it unclogged until the next time...when it had overflowed all day long and flooded the basement a little bit.  I was super tired from charging and waking up at 5am, but the 3 of us cleaned up the mess and we took this funny picture while washing our dirty feet in the bathtub............
Roommates who clean together stay together!
#weareawesome #thebrunettes
My home teacher from BYU was in town this weekend for a wedding. He stopped by to catch up and we had fun talking for an hour and a half. Crazy to think that we have been friends for 14+ years now!!!  Thanks for visiting BART.
Friday night after work, I went to Brett and Bethany´s wedding reception in the Wertz´s backyard.  It was so fun to see that family again. Honestly, I love the Wertz family. My love affair with them started in 2008 when I dated Caleb.....and I sometimes still get to pretend that I´m good friends with them.  Brett and I had pillow talk in May about this girl named Bethany and how much he liked her...little did I know that a few months later he would marry her!  And they are a perfect match for each other in every way.  I hope to someday enjoy my lover as much as they enjoy each other.  At the end of their reception, they jumped in the pool (tux and wedding dress and all!) and then most of the family and a few friends jumped in too.  Then fireworks!  It was awesome to see so much love and unity.  I might have been a little bit sad to not be in their family at that moment.....and that´s when I left.  Congrats to Brett and Bethany!!!!!!
This is Kenna.....the youngest Wertz and my little buddy!!  I would be pretty lucky to get to hang out with her more....and yes, she is 16 and super cute! 
Can I tell you how loved I felt at this reception?!?  Brother-in-law, mom, dad, cousins, brothers, sisters.......they all went out of their way to come find me and give me hugs and talk to me.....Kenna screamed when she saw me.  Jessica let me hold her baby ¨Z¨ and dance with her.  Thanks for making me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.  I think the one thing that I look for and hope for the most in a future spouse is to love their family but just as important is to have them love me.  Thanks for the love WERTZ family!!!!!
Last night I got to go to the BYU vs Utah rivalry football game.....
I got to be on the field for a little pregame fun and when the team came out!  It was pretty sweet!!!  Sad day that the cougars lost but I´ve been lucky enough to go to this game for  most of the last 6 years.......last year I wore blue in the red section in Salt Lake.
Thanks to the Haynie men and their love of BYU football!!!

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