Monday, July 01, 2013

Lake Powell

Lake Powell pictures -----  
I went to Lake Powell last week for 3.5 days. It was fun but not quite the trip that I had in mind. Ha. You see, the only other time I went to Powell was with 100 people and I loved it. I loved meeting people and just being social.  I´m glad my friends Natalie, Tami, and Jeff were there to save the day. They were super fun to hang out with.  Also, I am NOT GOOD at wake boarding.....not at all, but I like to try.  I can see the concept and the technique as I watch people do it, but as far as putting it all together, I struggle with that.  My friends Tami and Jeff, on the other hand, they are awesome and pretty much ruled the show...along with my new friend Ben.  Watching them out on the water was fun and exciting. Me being the participant was probably hard to watch (just look at the faces I am making in all the pictures - other people smile, I have a look of total and complete fear!).  Anyways, it was a nice and relaxing trip. We went wake boarding, wake surfing, cliff jumping, tubing, open water swimming, read books, slept on the house boat under a full moon, and ate really good food.  I think I like lake Powell because it gives me hope that someday my family could be out on the lake and enjoying the water.

My favorite picture of Tami......she rocked it.....and I love how the rope frames her in the picture.

Natalie had never been wake boarding before and she did great!  Her faces show concentration.

The girls in the back of the boat.  Tami would wake us up every morning at 5:30am to be the first people out on the water....hence why we look tired. But it really was the best time out on the lake.

Me. My goal this time was to go over the wake.  I accomplished that and got whip lash. Ha. And I was scared every single time.............I fall way too hard.

One of Jeff´s crash can tell he was muscling his way thru the wave by looking at the rope all crazy.

Yep, I made it over the wake.........but I didn´t know what to do next. Ha Ha.

Early morning photos.

Our boat drivers....they were nice and got up every morning with us.

Yeah for pretty sunrises!

Tami walker = wake boarder.

Our boat.

Helping me with my bindings......I am a work in progress.

The look on my face says it all....

Our house boat.

Jeff doing a 180. He would hit it and go hard.....he has no fear and it shows.

My last wipe out!  The one where I got whip lash. The one where I decided I was done.

Tami rockin it again.

Cliff jumping-

Ben was awesome....and he looked so smooth out on the water. I guess it helps that he has been doing this since he was 2.

Me, trying to be gangster.

Tami and I open water swimming - 
Ironman training pretends not to stop when you are playing in Lake Powell.

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Megan and Devin said...

I love reading your blog Heidi. Hope ironman training is going well......I wish I had the guts to do that!