Monday, March 25, 2013

San Francisco Mid-Single Educational Conference 
***EFY on crack for Mid-Single People***

I went to San Francisco for the weekend and had a blast!  I rode my bike across the Golden Gate Bridge with my friends Sarah, Traci, and Levi.  We ate in Sausalito in a cafe and then took the ferry back to Pier 39.  It was so fun that I want to go back again someday and ride for longer.  The weather was BEAUTIFUL and the biking was fun.  We stopped many a times along the way to be tourists.

The ride...

Photo booth fun!  Kaliska, Ambie, and I decided to partake of the photos.  
Yep, we´re awesome.

Sunday Afternoon, we decided to take a stroll around Stanford campus so that we could enjoy the sun. (I came from snowy Utah and others came from snowy Seattle.)  Here´s us jumping.  Don´t mind me in the back...I look like I´m jump roping or something.  I never was a good jumper in pictures.

I had so much fun in San Fran.  I hung out with my friends from all over and learned a lot at each of the classes I went to.  It was so much better than a mid singles conference where all the beautiful people are there flaunting their bodies and not wanting to talk to me.  I learned about venture capitalism, fogiving to love, making a sales pitch, scientific stuff, and more.  It was fascinating and really made me want to move to San Francisco......too bad its so expensive to live there....otherwise I might be sold on the idea!!!

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