Wednesday, January 02, 2013

So, after working 5 days in a row for Christmas, I got 7 days off......and since it was $1000 to fly to Texas to see my family, I decided to stay home.....well, kind of.  I watched 9+ movies in a week (I had a lot of free time!) and then went to a mid-singles retreat up in Midway, Utah.  I actually had A LOT of fun.  I didn´t meet any boys that will have a lasting impact on my life, and I learned that the boy I had been going on a few dates with doesn´t really like me (he ignored me most of the time = boys spend time with girls they like).....and I have a new beef with divorced women with children (no offense sister....I still love you and pray for you nightly to find someone to love!!!!).  
The activities were fun to me ----- sledding at soldier hollow, church and fireside, 7am exercise class, cross country skiing for the first time, sleigh ride with horses, and new years eve dance that lasted 5+ hours.  And it made me realize that its all a numbers game........the more people you meet, there has to be someone that you connect with, there just has to be.....and so I´m adding to my new year´s resolutions to go to a lot more of these activites.  We shall see if it really happens but I´m gonna put them on my calendar and seriously consider going to them.  I already made a list tonight.  If 2013 is gonna be my year, then I need to be proactive about it.  
You see, the main thing that going to this activity instilled in me is that I want to be married........I don´t want to go to these activities anymore!

Shelli, Tammie, and I posing while trying to cross country ski.

Going for a sleigh ride - 
Tracy, Tammie, Shelli, and I

More skiing fun...

Ha Ha.  This picture makes me laugh.  At the stroke of midnight, at the dance, people were either making out on the dance floor with people they had never met or hugging and saying Happy New Year.  I got lots of hugs - I don´t really like kissing boys I don´t like!  But my Todd invited people over for an after party at 3am to his room - 2013!  This was the most action he or I got all night. Ha!  And I´m kinda vain cause I really just like my profile in it....and his face...and our body language.  We took one the other way with him kissing my cheek but it turned out terrible with me looking like I´m trying to get away from him and devil eyes.

They had sled dogs.

Tubing - I had a blast!  With Bill, Darryl, and Aaron.  We would make trains of 20-30 people and go down the hills.  So much fun.

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