Thursday, January 17, 2013

Creating a Better Society - What You Made Possible in 2011 - Scope


I have wanted to do an ironman event for a few years now....just a dream of mine.  Crazy I know, but sometimes we have to dream big!!!  And I am in good shape.  I like to exercise.  I like to stay fit.  And so, the next task was to find an event that I could do.  Ironman is the new craze all over the world, especially in the US and so all those events minus one were sold out when I really convinced myself I wanted to do it.  And then, I convinced my friend TODD LIBBY to do it with me for his 40th birthday.....and he said YES.  So, here we are, 2 crazy people trying to figure out where in the world we want to do an ironman and yes, we don´t have a lot of options because they are mostly sold out....and we want to do one that gives us enough time to train.  It was either one of the hardest ones ever in Kentucky, one of the easiest ones in Switzerland (where I have already been to), or Wales.  So, we choose WALES.

IRONMAN WALES  ----  September 8, 2013

I´m excited for this challenge.  It´s gonna be hard but it´s gonna be awesome too!!!!  And just to make it more interesting, Todd and I signed up with a charity........yes, we have to raise $1700 each for this Charity by October 8, 2013 otherwise we have to donate all that money ourselves.  Here is where all you guys come in...........Anyone who is willing to donate to their cause, please, please contact me.  I´m going to be doing fundraising and trying to raise money but if you could donate anything, I would be happy!!!!  I´ve included a video here from their website and their vision and purpose.  Its for an awesome cause and my amazing 2013 goal.  I´m going to make a little ticker thing on the side of my blog so that people can know how much money I have raised.  Email me or call me or text me if you can donate!!!!!  You won´t regret it.  281-851-3188

Our vision, purpose and beliefs

Our vision

A world where disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else.

Our purpose

To drive change across society so that disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else.

Our beliefs

See the person

In our interactions with disabled people we consider all of the qualities and characteristics that go to make people distinctive and unique, not only their impairment or condition.

Set no limit on potential

Every disabled person has the right to live their life and work towards their goals without being limited by other people’s expectations or prejudices. We never set limits on any disabled person’s individual potential.

Freedom to choose

Every disabled person should have the right to exercise choice and control over all decisions that shape their future including the products, services and support programmes they use.

Independence and inclusion

All service developments designed to support disabled people should enable them to become increasingly independent and to live their lives within the community of their choice.

Everyday life equality

We believe that all disabled people should have the same opportunity to education, work, building a home and social life, and access to any location or venue that other people in our society enjoy. No more. No less.

Together we can create a better society

The investment required to support our beliefs will be more than repaid through the as yet untapped potential of disabled people and through our collective pride in creating a better society for all.

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Paige said...

The boys said when it warms up they are going to do a lemonade stand to raise money for you....thought you would love to hear that. I can't go watch you in Wales.....lame!