Friday, December 28, 2012


I´ve learned a lot this year...And i´m excited to start 2013 with a bang.  I have been thinking about my goals for next year for the last month...trying to think about what I need to work on and get better at...and it seems like the list just keeps getting longer and longer. Ha!

1. Learn to cook 12 new things --- cooking with Aunt Barbara (my Great Aunt is a great cook and I need to have an excuse to go visit her more, especially since she lives close by in Sandy)

2. Take Piano lessons.  I have been wanting to do this for a while now, but I keep putting it off.  My roommate Emily has a key board I can play and she even gave me a book for Christmas.......

3.  Take a camera class.  Since I bought myself a new camera for Christmas, I figure that I need to learn how to use it.

4.  Go to the Temple at least monthly.

5. Do my visiting teaching and get a calling in my new ward - I just changed my records this month and I´m excited to be more involved in my ward.

6. Finish an IRONMAN.

7. Get better at dancing.  I have been working on this goal this year as well and I have found that I love dancing.....I just wish I was better at it.

8. Go on 2 international trips - one is for fun and one is for Humanitarian aid.

9. Read 33 books - I am turning 33 this year.

10. Go on lots and lots of dates. Ha. I mean I figure that the only way I´m going to find someone to marry is if I get out there and meet lots of men and go on dates with them - its a numbers game.  So, if any of you readers out there have anyone you want me to meet, please send them my way!  I accept blind dates all the time.

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