Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Just call me a HOME BUILDER....and not a home wrecker! 
Cause boys think that I'm the girl of their dreams and it helps to push them to marry the other girl or the next girl that comes along!!!!

I had a really fun date last night with Bill. We went to zoo lights and then to dinner.  2 favorite parts were---When he complimented me on my hair within 2 seconds on walking out my door (I tried really hard to make it straight and keep it down for our second date and it was nice to have that validation right off the bat!) Oh and he hugged me at the same time! And my next favorite part was our conversation at dinner. Not sure how we got there but we ended up talking about kissing and what it means and how fun it can be and how a lot of people don't kiss or hold hands as much after they are married cause they can do other things but we are physical touch love languages and we think that´s silly. Anyways, it was fun and refreshing and I hope to go out with him again sometime. I have a little crush on the man ---he's funny and fun and I like that in boys.

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Paige said...

I was wondering who the guy was, glad you had a fun time and way to go on the hair down!!