Sunday, December 09, 2012

I´m glad that other people take pictures of me on trips! I´m also glad that other people have nicer cameras than mine and they take AMAZING pictures......more Nepal for your viewing pleasure.....courtesy of everyone else on my trip!!!

These are the local taxis.

Can you see the excitement in our faces about what we are going to eat?!?

Josh got pooping on 2 times in one day by the birds, so this is how he spent his time in the middle of a square while we were touring one day. HA!

Our eye doctor, my friend Amman, dilated people´s eyes and gave out sunglasses.  At first it was looked down upon by the village people, but after a few hours, everyone was crowding the room....trying to get a pair of sunglasses. 
Love these poser kids!!!

Getting my nails painted!  Such the cool thing to do at that moment.

It was bright at the top of our hike!  
But I just wanted to put a picture of my friend Shelli and I on my blog.

A cool spider web someone captured.

Yep, those were our toilets for the week.  
The blue bucket was used to ¨flush¨ the toilets.  That pink brush in the back was to scrap away any poop that decided to stay behind.  I know you´re jealous of all my travels now!!!

Such a cool picture.

Just love that smile!!!
The village kids made me happy on a daily basis.


A local village house.

A view from high looking down on the cremation temple...that smoke is a body burning.

Prayer bells.

Painting the school with some cool girls that I met!

Look at that monkey holding on...

Teaching the kids to play baseball. They loved it.

These boys were helping with the construction and using the wheel burrow to move themselves around.


Where the local people and the SHe people shower and get their drinking water.

A roof with a view.


Yep, the view was amazing in Nepal.

Love this face.

Oh, the crazy pictures that tourists take!

Jumping the the Taj Mahal.....don´t mind if we do.

The six of us walking down the street.  I think it turned out cool.

Knocking on the old door.

Just posing.

I loved getting Tika´d....I would leave it on all day.

Favorite picture one day....
all of us trying to catch some pictures of the monkeys.

Thanks Julie for the shot with the monkeys!

Vishnu slamming the ball out of the park.  She was the best at baseball and tried hard to explain it to all the other boys playing.  No other girls played.

The many people on top of the buses.

Josh pimping it with his concubines!  Ha. I found so many pictures of him with the 4 of us girls while Christian was sick in the hotel.

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