Tuesday, November 06, 2012

So, I got feedback from my MATCH MAKER dates -

Your dates provided us with some feedback for you:
very personable; nice; fun; easy to talk to; wearing her hair down would be attractive.

The funny thing is, wearing my hair down has always been a flaw of mine!  I love to have my hair out of my face and it's just easier to pull it back....and when I go out after work where its been up all day, I just leave it up.  I have been told I have an attractive neck and my hair looks good in a ponytail......HA! probably not something I should be proud of.  Anyways, I went on a blind date last night and I wore my hair down for the first part of the date but in the car, on the ride home from the restaurant, I pulled my hair back. EPIC FAIL.  I have a first date tonight - and I'm kinda excited about it - but the problem is that we are going dancing...and I'm working today.....so my hair is already pulled back and I'm going to pull my hair back while dancing because I get hot and you twril around a lot in country dancing........hmmmmm......let's just hope I make it to second dates with these boys and then I can try to wear my hair down again.  I guess we can add another reason to why I'm not married = DOES NOT LIKE TO WEAR HER HAIR DOWN.

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Janna said...

Funny! You have always been a ponytail girl. I'm sure you're great both ways. :)