Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Guess what world?!?!?!?
My dad and his wife Brenda had a bay last Thursday.....MICAH BUCHANAN. Don't let the pink dog fool you, he is a boy. The second picture is my dad's daughter Estella (with her short hair cut!) holding Micah....she was so excited to be a big sister!!! Kind of weird to think that I have another brother out there. Congrats to Dad and Brenda and Estella!!!

I'm kind of a big fan of this man!!! My favorite parts about dating him include seeing him everyday, snuggling with him, talking to him, playing games with him, laughing, and seeing the silly side of Dave!  I made it to the "big leagues" last Sunday when we went to his parents house for dinner and conference and games...and he was affectionate in front of his family. I had a great time and his niece decided to be my friend so we sat together and I fed her. Ha ha. The best part of last weekend.....watching/listening to all 5 sessions of general conference with the man! He has worked his way into my favorite person and the best part of my day is when I finally get to spend time with him!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

So, I haven't gotten on TINDER in a bit (because I don't need to!!!)....but I really enjoyed this series of messages. ENJOY!!!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Have I told you guys lately that I LOVE my roommates. They are awesome and so fun to hang out with. I lucked out when I decided to move in January.  We have taken it upon ourselves to celebrate random holidays this year and I love it!!!!

First up, PIE DAY ---- March 14
Me - Staci - Summer - Bekah
(The Brunettes!!!)
 Next up, eating Lucky Charms at 7:14am so that everyone is included and some people can get to work on time.....we might have eaten 3 boxes of Lucky Charms all week long!  and yes, we like to stand in the same order in pictures!!!


Sometimes, we have to be patient in life. And, sometimes, that patience will bring forth blessings. I´ve been lucky enough to spend lots of quality time with this guy for the past 2 months and I´m loving it so much!!!  He is attractive and fun and funny and best of all he likes me a lot....and I like him back. Its great to be dating someone who lives 5 minutes away from my house. (I´ve been a long distance dater and this is way better! And we see each other everyday!) Its great to be dating someone who puts forth effort and who wants to spend time with me. (Normally its very much one-sided with me loving the man and him trying to figure things out.) And, life is just good. Dave and I have a lot of fun together and I´m greatful for this chance to get to know him better and to do fun dating activities.  Now, we just need to get more sleep. HA!

Last Friday was the man´s 36th birthday!  I asked him what he wanted to do to celebrate and he told me that birthdays are not a big deal in his family and life.....and I said bah hum bug....birthdays are the best day of the year and need to be celebrated with excitement and fun!  They are your very own holiday!!!!  And so, Dave decided for his birthday he wanted to go canyoneering. We both worked on friday until 6:30pm and then packed up our stuff and headed down to Moab. We made a few stops along the way and go to the trailhead at 1am. The stars were awesome and after some star gazing, we decided to sleep in the back of his car because it was cold and easier than getting all the stuff outside and into the wind. In the morning, we woke up and headed out to do some canyoneering in 2 canyons. We met up with 3 people at the start of the first canyon (MMI) and we ended up hanging out with them until the end of that canyon. Then, we went on a long hike around the wash for about 3-4 miles and found the next canyon (LOST AND FOUND)....this one was our favorite!  It had some scrambling and it was narrow and the rappels were a lot more fun.....the last one being 200 feet.  I loved spending the entire weekend with just Dave. He makes me laugh I like that we can enjoy going on crazy adventures together.

Reading a book about men at the diner in Green River.....we ate dinner at 10:30pm on Saturday after hiking out of the canyon in the dark.....nothing is open in that small town and the food was kinda gross.
My favorite picture from the weekend!
Showing one of the rappels...the lighting was weird but that is Dave.
Thanks to our new friends, we got a picture together at the start of the day.....
its beautiful in Moab!!!
My favorite picture of the 2 of us from the trip. Kind of random but fun too...

2 weeks ago, we also went canyoneering with Dave´s roommate Robert. We went to Capital Reef National Park and did an awesome canyon but it was challenging as well. We had to shimmy down 30-50 foot drops at times and I was nervous!  But, these guys helped me thru it and we even got soaking wet and cold but i think its one of my favorite canyons I´ve ever done. We descended 1000 vertical feet in a narrow canyon.

Camping! Dave - me - Robert
Robert and Dave striking manly poses...
Sunrise on the horizon!
The narrow canyon.

Cuddling is way, super fun!!!  
I love this quote and its my new motto.....cuddle daily!!!!

Relaxing on the couch. I like that man!

We decided to try new things sometimes.....and last week, we ate a new fruit.
We watched a you tube video to figure out how to eat it...
And then the tasting started.....
This was actually the last picture we took.....we finally got both of us smiling. Ha!
This is what we thought of the dragon fruit.....it was not very tasty and sugar did not help.
Dave´s funny face!
Heidi´s funny face!

Sunday, March 09, 2014

I had the best time on my trip to Israel ---- seriously the best!!!  And one of the girls was an artist and drew pictures of what we saw each day.  It was one of my favorite things to go and look at her pictures each day to see our travels depicted that way........We also had people write journals about what we did and saw each day. I just read them and it made me love my trip all over again.......
Go To Israel.......It Will Change Your Life!!!

TIA AND STU (& ZOEY the dog!)
are getting married in Florida on June 27, 2015

I told them I´m coming and I´m bringing a date (aka a husband!).....
they are giving me 15 months to get it done.....a girl can dream can´t she!!!
Me - Grandma Bonnie - Mom
(Three Generations!!!)
I had a fun visit in Arizona with these ladies.....and my sister Heather. We watched the Olympics. We ate good food. We relaxed in nice weather.  And it was nice to see that my Grandma was doing well after her stroke in November on her birthday.

 My awesome Valentine´s Day card from Grandma!!!

Playing Scrabble.

The Snowflake Arizona Temple.

And here are pictures of the CRAZIES that I love!!!
Robbie and April took the kids on an airplane to Oregon for Spring Break....
They all look so grown up!
Austin Peeps!
My sister Paige and her kids are one of them!  bah ha ha ha
 Kaden loves science!
 Quinten loves the new hammock swing!
 Maya Noah Tristan hanging out
 Look at that cute little pirate........I just want to hug him and squish him!!!

February 2014

I had a fun february.......I went to Arizona to visit my grandma and I went to Las Vegas to visit my cousins and my new roommates and I bonded. WIN on all accounts!!!  In Vegas, my friends Kristen and Dave went hiking with my cousins, we watched movies, and played games, and at really good food.  I love going down there....we also went to the Michael Jackson One Show. It was fun!

DAVE finding his inner strength.
ME                                                 KRISTEN
Fun Views in Candy Cane Land.
MJ-  ONE Show

My new backyard.......I love the random colors!!!

Look at the get up that we have to wear at work sometimes.....

Roommate bonding at the BANFF film festival.

Dating can be fun sometimes!!!!  
NERF gun wars...
We had to figure out who got to decide what activity we would do for the night....it came down to the championship last round....